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    The most important component for a company's development is its employees. All the achievements made by Anzheng shall be attributed to its outstanding employees and the dedicated team. the future development of Anzheng will still require efforts of all Anzheng Employees. Whether you are a member of Anzheng family, or you are considering about establishing cooperation with Anzheng, let us work together to create a brighter future. As reward, the Company will provide you with a broader opportunity for career development, where you can make full use of your intelligence and wisdom to maximize your personal value.

    — — 安正时尚集团董事长兼总裁 郑安政

    — — Anzheng Fashion Group President and CEO Zheng Anzheng




    Training system


    We firmly believe that a well-planned staff training system is a kind of crucial investment. We pay attention to the development and growth of every employee in the Company and encourage and support their personal development and continued study. We will provide every employee with training opportunities and relevant educational courses so that all our employees maintain their competitive edge and outstanding performance. Our complete promotional system will also help our employees to fulfill their dreams.





    Career development


    According to the requirement of their positions, we provide three career development channels, including "management series", "specialty series", and "terminal series", which are shortened to be "management", "specialty", and "terminal" channels. Employees will be able to select the appropriate development channel according to their personal preference and Company demand.

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