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    French fashion of freshness and elegance  清新优雅的法式风尚


    Group Brand / 集团品牌


    Adhering to the principle of creating casual fashion of freedom, MOISSAC, full of elegance and romance, is another extension of the high standard pattern-making technique and unique detail design of the brand. Floral pattern on the gauze, graceful lines, delicate and hollowed-out floral pattern of lace in combination with fitting cutting and impressive matching make MOISSAC a French fashion brand full of freshness and elegance.


    Brand Concept / 品牌理念


    As new fashion brand featured youth and romantic vigor, Fiona Chen has enjoyed a global vision from the very beginning of its establishment. With top designer team made up of talents from both China and western countries, Fiona Chen keeps making commitment to creation of a new fashion combining superior quality, elegance, fun and freshness from the design, production, promotion and marketing of product.


    Design Concept / 设计理念


    MOISSAC presents fashion enthusiasts a unique brand of fashion women's dress featured dreamy and nifty design elements, gorgeous and delicate design form as well as design style of French romance.

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