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    Fidence/Elegance/Womanliness  自信,优雅,女人味


    Group Brand / 集团品牌

    JZ 玖姿将西方时装的精致优雅和浪漫热情与东方气息完美融合,缔造出自信、优雅、女人味的经典。

    A perfect combination of delicacy and elegance in the West and romance and passion in the east, JZ creates classic confidence, elegance, and feminine charm.


    Brand Concept / 品牌理念

    JZ 玖姿追求时尚、精致与实用美学的完美平衡,通过对国际流行趋势与女装市场的严谨研究,整合国际、国内尖端时尚资源,融汇贯通,倾心专注,精彩演绎现代都市女性的自信、优雅、女人味。

    JZ pursues the perfect balance of trendy fashion, delicacy, as well as pragmatist aesthetics. Through investigating on the fashion trends as well as lady's wear market in the world and integrating and digesting the top-grade fashion resources both at home and abroad, and with dedication and devotion, JZ brings the confidence, elegance, and feminine charm of cosmopolitan women to the fullest play.


    Design Concept / 设计理念

    JZ 玖姿秉承"优雅、大气、经典、时尚"的设计理念,运用优质上等的面料、精致的细节装饰、优雅的色彩和图案,加上时尚的设计和巧妙的剪裁,勾勒出女性的线条美感,妆点现代都市女性的多彩生活。

    Inheriting the design concept of "elegance, grand demeanor, vintage, and fashion", by using high-quality material, exquisite ornaments, graceful color and patterns, and complemented by fashion-forward design and ingenious cutting and clipping, JZ creates women's perfect curvy lines and light up the colorful lifestyle of cosmopolitan women.

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